Tree Trimming in Acworth, Kennesaw, Marietta, GA & surrounding areas


Not sure if it's time to trim your trees? Fellow Tree is here to handle all your tree trimming services. There is no job or tree to big or small. When it comes to our tree trimming process, our tree experts can answer all your questions and create a safe and efficient plan. We take note of any immediate hazards to every tree, as well as any noticeable imbalances in the crown or canopy. The best course of action is to eliminate those hazards and work from there, taking off any unnecessary growth and allowing the tree to remain healthy and stable.

Not sure if you're in the market to trim or prune your trees? The difference between trimming and pruning is as stated: TRIMMING is a less expensive, less invasive task as it only pertains to one particular section of a tree. Example: a few lower limbs are growing over into the neighbor's yard, an arborist would "trim" these back a few feet so they are no longer intruding on a property. PRUNING involves the complete diagnosis of a tree/shrub and carefully removing any deadwood, cracked/scarred branches. Then you would move to the interior and thin out the smaller pieces (sucker limbs, spontaneous growth, rubbing/crossing branches) allowing the tree to receive more sunlight and "breathe" more efficiently. This greatly reduces the overall weight and increases the trees ability to fight off disease and become more resistant to physical forces such as wind and rain. Basically, a tree makeover.

Our expert tree trimmers recommend a good rule of thumb is to get your trees pruned once or even twice a year, too much and the tree could start to fail. The best time to do this would be during the fall or winter when the tree is dormant. If one decides to postpone for too long, over time the tree will grow larger and thicker and could eventually fail under its own weight.

Not sure of the benefits of getting your tree trimmed? there are many different reasons to have your tree trimmed. Examples include: aesthetic, properly pruned trees look appealing and also increase property value. Animals: mostly squirrels, but sometimes even raccoons and possums. Tree branches too close to a roof will invite small animals to seek the humid shelter of your attic. Not a fun time.

And lastly, SAFETY: a proper prune/trim and weight reduction of an overgrown or growing tree is always necessary, as you lessen the chances of the tree uprooting during a storm or even a large branch cracking and falling on a construct. A simple weight reduction can be the difference between $200 and $2,0000.

Our tree experts use techniques taught only by highly trained professionals and enthusiasts. Our years of experience keeps us accident free and we never cut corners.

Fellow tree does not use ladders for large trees, we have state of the art climbing/repelling gear along with ropes, pulleys, and all other types of strength-tested hardware. safety is our number one concern.
We have specialized chainsaws specifically designed for in-tree use and we follow the official rule book made by arborists, for arborists.

Fellow Tree takes pride in our work. We believe the customer is always right and will do whatever it takes to get that 5-star service. We cherish your home as much as ours, as we believe you should always protect your most important investment.

Give us a call today to discuss your questions or tree trimming project. We look forward to working with you!