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Tree Trim

On this project we worked on raising the canopy on this large oak that was spanning over the house and neighbors property. It was a fun tree to climb. Limb walkers... All the hazardous dead limbs were also cleaned up

Tree Removal

Tree removal of an old oak that was damaged by a storm and it partially fell on a house in Cartersville, GA

Tree cleanup

Project in Acworth, GA

Apple Tree

This was a crab apple tree that was growing in close proximity to the house and dropping decaying fruits on the roof, on the driveway and on the house. This was an easy removal but the owner was very happy as she did not have to pay pressure-washing services to clean up her house and driveway.

Arching Oak

The owner has asked us to remove an 18" oak with a very pronounced lean towards the house. This was a difficult removal as there were no high tying points for our climbing ropes and the top of the tree had long leads going far on top of the roof. The tree was successfully removed with no damage to the property.

Silver Maple Over House

These pictures were taken during a removal of a very large maple tree that was growing over the roof of the house. In the first two pictures you can see a canopy traversal from one section of the tree to another.

Oak Trim

This was one of our very first few jobs where the owner has asked us to remove a few branches that were extending over the driveway and also over the roof. Everything went according to the plan and the owner was very happy.

Pine Removal

During this job the owner requested the removal of a very large pine tree that was half dead and was jeopardizing some of the buildings on the neighbor's property.

Bradford Pear

On this job the owner has asked for the complete of a Bradford pear that was damaging the roof and siding of the house.

Brush Chipping

Our crew completing the chipping of a maple tree during a removal job


For this job the owner requested the removal of 15 Leyland Cypress trees that were dying and shading the grass.

Maple cut

This is a climb during a job where the owner has asked the removal of multiple trees.

Oak by the dock

For this job the owner asked the removal of a 22" oak tree that was leaning towards the dock. And yes, we did see a 4lb. bass coming up and gulping minnows by the dock during the climb.

Pine on dock

The owner has asked for the removal of a pine tree that hit a dock.

Poplar tree removal

The owner has asked for the removal of a poplar tree that grew very close to the house.

Water Oak Removal

Zipping Top Video

Zip lining a tree top of a hard leaning oak of the roof.