Healthy Trees From Top to Bottom

Healthy Trees From Top to Bottom

Keep your trees standing tall with our canopy trimming service in Kennesaw, GA

The canopy is the umbrella-shaped top of the tree formed by its branches. It's also called the crown. Tree health depends on regular canopy trimming and pruning of this area to allow for proper sunlight, airflow and water flow. A tree may look healthy, but a canopy that's too full can cause leaf disease and prevent smaller plants from growing beneath the canopy.

Regular tree canopy maintenance is important, and Fellow Tree can work with you to create a regular tree trimming plan.

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Regular canopy trimming will keep your trees beautiful for years to come

Regular canopy trimming not only keeps trees and the surrounding property healthy, but it keeps your property looking beautiful. Tree trimming creates aesthetically pleasing trees and allows for healthy plant growth underneath.

Fellow Tree offers the following services in Kennesaw, GA to keep your tree canopy looking great:

  • Crown thinning: Removing weaker branches to promote growth.
  • Crown raising: Removing lower branches to allow room for sidewalks and streets.
  • Crown cleaning: Selectively removing diseased or dying branches.
  • Crown reduction: Cutting larger branches to reduce tree height.
  • Crown shaping: Trimming the crown to create a more pleasing appearance.
Trees that block sidewalks can be a nuisance, and blocking a driver's view of oncoming traffic is dangerous. Not only does regular tree trimming promote healthy, beautiful trees, but it also ensures all sightlines are clear.

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