Q: What is the average cost of tree removal in or around Kennesaw Georgia?

A: The Average cost to remove (or prune/trim) a tree ranges from $150 to $1500 depending on many different factors.
Here are some examples;
⁃ Decay, insect damage,
⁃ Accessibility to the tree that needs to be removed. Trees that are further back from the main road or on a very steep hill side might cost more then a tree of the same size that is located next to the road.
⁃ Width/height. The size and height of the tree matters.
⁃ Obstacles that can not be moved. (Large sheds,houses,etc.)
⁃ Equipment access
⁃ Nearby potential hazards (power lines, fire hydrants, electrical boxes)
- Special requests from the home owner such as protection of the lawn (which might require the use of plywood sheets), protection of shrubs or flower beds under the tree which might require rigging of the branches to be removed

Q: what types of services do you offer?

A: complete arbor management at your request. PRUNING & REMOVAL

This is the complete opposite of topping (which is a malpractice that jeopardizes the health of a tree) Trees are alive, and many people like to maintain them over the years to keep them thinned, healthy, and looking presentable. The professional practice of pruning dictates that no more than 25% of foliage can be removed, or else the tree will take a longer time to heal and become more susceptible to decay.

This is the complete dismantling of your tree from top to bottom. Many homeowners will decide to remove a tree on many occasions. For instance, the most common reason to remove a tree is because it is a great potential hazard. Indicators include:

⁃ Leaning over a home, with much of the branches growing in the same direction
⁃ Decay in the stump, root rot.
⁃ Status of Being dead or dying
⁃ Previous storm damage
⁃ Not being properly maintained over the years.
- Growing in the proximity of other large trees and needs to be removed to allow proper space for growth of other trees

Q: Is there a set hourly rate for this type of service?

A: Yes, the hourly rate varies for the 2 different types of service we offer:

-$275 per hour. Or $ 2000 for 8 hours for a 3 men crew
-This is the complete service package we offer for a fair and competitive price. It includes the transport of all debris from your property, whether you are getting whole trees removed or just having branches taken off, also including stump-grinding!

-$150 per hour. Or $1000 for 8 hours
This is the economy package: On a budget? -This price includes the dismantling and stacking of your trees without removing the debris. Stump grinding can still be offered separately.

Q: When should I be concerned about my trees?

A: The truth is that you should always have some level of concern depending on the size, leaning direction, and volume of the tree(s) in question. Some underlying factors that determine whether or not a tree is sustainable are listed as such:
-Visible health of tree.
-amount of large branches (too much weight can eventually cause stress and cracking)
-condition of soil/visibility of roots

Safety is our number one concern, we encourage it to be yours!

Q: do you guys rescue cats?

A: indeed.